Questions & Answers


Where can we have our photoshoot?

Anywhere you’d like! Be that a woodland walk, beach, village, town or city … we’ll shoot anywhere! If there’s somewhere particularly special to you that has meaning for you and your family just let us know.

(For locations over 25 miles away from us we ask that travel costs be covered)

What should we wear?

I love big bright colours, oranges, yellows, reds look great but the most inportant thing is that you feel comfortable. I also like to get dirty and hopefully muddy so if your precious about a piece of clothing, it's best not to wear it!

How long untill we get our pictures?

I aim to get your gallery back to you within two weks of the shoot.

Can we order products? certainly can. You can order prints, canvas's, calendar and much more straight from your gallery, its all done online and they will be shipped straight to your front door!

How mant pictures will I get?

I'm a masive beliver in quality over quantity and that is why there is no minimum or maximum. I will deliver as many amazing images as I can!

What happens if it rains on our outdoor photoshoot?

If the forecast is rubbish and you'd like to wait until another day for better weather we can reschedule, Alternatively if you want to stick to your original date we can make a fab feature of it, wrap up warm and grab the wellies and umbrellas!

What happens if we need to cancel our photoshoot?

If you need to fully cancel your photoshoot after booking unfortuntely you will lose the booking fee given. If you need to reschedule your photoshoot for a valid reason and in a reasonable amount of time I will of course accommodate where possible, and I will send over new available dates to choose from, but please note this can only be rearranged once.

I'm looking for Wedding Photography Coverage, do you offer this?

I sure do. I have a dedicated website for weddings over at

How can we book you?

This is awesome! Shoot me an email at or fill in our contact page , with as many details as you can about your family. Then let’s meet in person and have a drink to discuss about all that, because nothing is more important to me than meeting people in real life. Of course, if you live to far away or too far for us to meet in person we can always have a virtual cuppa on Skype.