To truly know me, you really need to meet my family!

I’m a husband and a father of three girls, and my family is my constant inspiration.

I strongly believe that life is made up of regular days. We think that the life we are living at this very moment is going to last forever; maybe it will change a little, but it will remain more or less the same – and this idea is what makes it very easy for us to take things for granted.

An ordinary day. It starts with helping our children brush their teeth and ends with a story under the blankets with a torch. What happens in between those two events? That’s what is special and unique to YOU. Perhaps the day sees you walking in the park, baking with the kids, making rocket ships out of old loo roll or stepping on that Lego for the 34325467 time. You do it every day and it seems mundane, but one day you’ll realize that the last piggyback ride was over 3 years ago and there isn’t going to be a next one.

I want to remember everything about my kid’s childhood, and I want them to remember too. When we tell stories of who they were or what they were like ‘back then’ I want to also be able to show them through photographs.

The essence of what I do is to try and press the pause button on all of these supposedly ordinary and mundane moments  – both for myself, and also for my clients!