Location, Location, Location!

I have shot families anywhere and everywhere, from railway yards in Vermont USA to basketball courts in Bath. It's Your pick!


A day in the life of is a wonderful way to document your family. Things like the ordinary day starting from helping your children brush their teeth and ending with a story under the blanket.


We have a few brilliant beaches in our surrounding area including Weston Super-mare and Burnham-on-Sea. The beach can make a great spot for your family photographs as there are so many photo opportunities. Think jumping in the sea (if you’re brave enough!), great expanses of open sand to walk along and lots of cool nautical backdrops.


We are lucky enough to live near some great Forests like Heaven’s gate in Longleat where there are plentiful easy walking footpaths and trees galore which make for ace photographs. It doesn’t have to be Heaven’s gate  – if you have a forest near to you we’re more than happy to travel.


Bath is World Heritage site so there is no shortage of amazing streets and little gems if history is your thing. There is also super cool Bristol that makes for a stylish and quirky family photo shoot location. We are happy to travel to any city though!


Children love parks! There is so much scope for photographs in your local park, and we can really capture your little one’s true personality as they hang off the monkey bars, or giggle themselves silly on the swings.


If you’re planning trip away and would like us to come along for a morning or afternoon to take some portraits of you we would love to join you! All we ask is that travel costs/possible accommodation costs are met.